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P1 Server - Sluggishness followed by Reboot

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This morning we were alerted by a few users that MySQL on the server was performing much slower than usual.


While attempting to resolve this matter the server eventually went unresponsive forcing us into a reboot. We did manage to get a graceful reboot fired off so that MySQL could shut down gracefully and not damage any databases or tables.


The server is as of now back online. We anticipate the server to function a bit slower than usually for the first 5 to 15 minutes as system caches and buffers refill.


Our forums, these - you're viewing now, are actually running on the P1 server :).


Being that this was a standard reboot and not a forced reboot we do not anticipate any lasting issues as a result of the restart.


In the event that you do have any issues you believe are related to this reboot - do please open a support ticket so that we can investigate.


Sorry for the trouble this has caused and we appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

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I just snagged this image from one of our monitoring platforms. This is actually the average CPU usage per CPU core.


You can clearly see the instability leading up to the shutdown [the huge spike in the graph before the lines disappear] followed by the smoothness and stability of the graph after that point.


Ideally the server will remain stable and smooth - but we are actively watching it over the next few days so we can address any issues before they become large.



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