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[Resolved] Atlantis DoS Attack - July 26, 2009

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We have been fighting to restore full service to Atlantis this morning. We came under attack at around 8:30 AM EST. We have been working to filter out the attack and all services should now be restored to Atlantis. I've actually decided not to place the details of the attack within the public view as not to reveal anything to the attacker. If you are a client and you would like to see the details of the attack please PM me with your domain name hosted with us and the email address we have on file to verify your account and I will upgrade you to being able to see the client support forums.


If you already have client access you can view the information here:


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Our Cisco Guard has been filtering out the attack all day and it appears that the attacker has stepped things up as we are seeing approximately 11,000 connections making it past our Cisco Guard at this time. As the attack changes it will take time for Cisco Guard to learn and adapt to the attack.


Please, if you are a client, register on the forums and send me a PM so that you will be able to see the complete details in the thread linked in the original post. We are keeping some details of the attack from the general public as not to inform the attacker any more than we have to.

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The attack got much worse before it got better however our network engineers and server administrators worked as hard as they could and were able to filter out and mitigate this attack.


All services are online and fully functional as of around 11:45PM EST.

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