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We have been hosting multiple websites since 2002 and only when a hosting company created issues with their hidden terms (about resource usage and bandwidth etc), we found MDDHosting and since September 2009, we are hosting with them.
It was a GUT decision based on one honest review found somewhere.
What we really liked about MDDHOSTING first up, was the hassle-free data transfer from ex-host.
We just gave Michael Denny, our cpanel login details of ex-host, pointed our domains to their DNS and slept.
Next morning woke up to see 2 sites (along with 5 mysql databases) transfered to MDDHOSTING and they're UP and Running without any issue.

Over past 7 years, never had an issue with MDDHOSTING. Their staff are quick to respond to any ticket raised (usually replied within 5 minutes.. wonder, do they ever sleep !).
Have also used the affiliate programme and the commissions earned from referals paid for 1 year of our hosting charges.

Also, Michael's inputs about running security and cache plugins to make wordpress function better, has helped us.

Infact, shared our site(s) wordpress login infos with him and he had setup wp super cache plugin for us with best possible settings.

Recently got an upgrade of 200 GB bandwidth/month without any extra charge for just being a loyal customer with them.

This would be our last hosting company (until either of us decide to close business .. just kidding) and would recommend them to anyone who is seriously interested in running a website without much worries.

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