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Newbie: Inquiries about creating a new website with WordPress (from A - Z)

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Hi guys,


I'm Mike. I just decided to create my own website yesterday and I'm on the way working on it (yay!)

As a newbie, I read a lot of information free-provided on the Internet and also came up with a lot of problem along the way, so I guess it would be great if I could create a topic here and seek for your support with problems and issues during my website creation. This could be helpful, not only for me but also for other newbies out there I guess :)


Well, let me share something about the background.


As a beginner, I decided to go with WordPress for my first personal website.


I purchased the shared hosting service at MDDHosting and bought my domain with another supplier (let's call it ABC)


After successfully purchased hosting service at MDDHosting and linked it with my domain, I logged in to Secure Control Panel and chose WordPress one-click installation from Softaculous. The installation took few minutes.


After that, I was supposed to have access to my website URL and my admin URL, but when I clicked on the link, they said:


This site can’t be reached

my.website’s server DNS address could not be found.


I then went to make some search and found out since I purchase the domain and hosting services from different suppliers, I will need to make update on Name Servers. So I went on to my domain supplier CP and update the Name Servers with information from MDDHosting.


Questions are:

1. Did I miss something in the process? As I followed some instruction on the internet, they never mentioned about these problems.

2. I've just known about 'propagation delay'. It will last for 24 - 48 hours. During this time delay, I have no access to my URL or the admin URL at all. Is there any workaround to login and make some preparation for the website (designs, content, etc.)?

3. Beside updating Name Server, do we need to update anything else (ex: IP address)?


That's my current situation. I really look forward to hearing from you guys and hope that this would be a good chance to learn about this :)


Thank you a lot!


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Hi Mike,


It seems you have the situation under control at this point. Regardless of where you buy the domain name, you would need to set the nameservers for the domain to resolve to the correct service. If you bought the domain from us, we would have defaulted the nameservers to the right values, but you would have needed to make a change if you were using the domain with a different provider.


To answer your questions:

1. You missed the nameserver step, but caught that and seem to have it fixed now.

2. Propagation is caused by DNS caching. This means that recent visitors are most effected, and someone who never visited prior to the change may not notice a delay at all. Unfortunately, the caching can happen at several levels, so it can't always be easily worked around. You can try resetting the DNS cache in your browser, computer, and local network. You'd need to google how to best do this, but sometimes restarting the various devices is enough. There is another trick involving your HOSTS file... please don't do this without a full understanding of what it entails, the problems it can cause in the future, and a solid way to ensure you revert the change.

3. If you are using our nameservers and our hosting service, the DNS settings are managed by cPanel and no further changes are needed from you.


For expedited and account specific support, please don't hesitate to contact our support department and open a support ticket.

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Hi Scott,


Thank you so much for your very detailed answer. I really appreciate that :)


Well, I've tried to clear the DNS cache but still have no access to my website via the domain name yet. Maybe I would need to wait for 24 - 48 hours to see if there's something wrong.

Will update you in the next step or should any issues happen.


Thanksss :D

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