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Considering premium account for multiple HTTPS domains


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Presently I have 1 account on the Bluehost cloud which contains 1 main domain and several "add on" domains. This is actually a shared service which is similar in concept to the MDD premium account.


I need to convert all of my domains from HTTP to HTTPS.


Does your premium account support Server Name Indication (SNI)?


If so, then will the premium account let me have 1 dedicated IP address and multiple ssl certificates from LetsEncrypt? Each ssl certificate would be for 1 domain.


My understanding is that your servers support the LetsEncrypt client software so that my ssl certificates (only good for 90 days) can be automatically renewed. Correct?


The servers running the Bluehost cloud do not have the technology to support the configuration I have described.



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Here is a bit about what I am doing.

I develop web apps related to mapping and also produce my own rather basic web pages.

My main web app is Gmap4 which is an enhanced Google map viewer. Below is a link that starts Gmap4 and displays satellite data for the wildland fire in the Fort McMurry area of Alberta. That satellite data is hosted on a GIS server some government agency is running. Click any red dot and a popup will appear with all the attribute data the GIS server has for the thing that you clicked.


The biggest spike so far was 250,000 hits one day last year when the wildland fires were ripping through Washington State. Currently the load is running around ~6,000 hits/day.

Will that load and occasional spike be any problem if I have a shared premium account with you?

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You don't need a dedicated IP at all - and SNI as well as Let's Encrypt are supported.


The certificates are automatically renewed and reinstalled prior to expiration.


That said depending on how resource intensive your site is - honestly - I'd probably suggest a VPS simply because we can scale you up very quickly to more CPU cores, more RAM, etc. On a premium server - while it can handle a lot - if you do exceed the limitations by quite a bit we wouldn't be able to scale you up there and would have to transfer you to a VPS.


Let's Encrypt isn't automatically available with your VPS but the licensing is not bad and we're actually in negotiations with the plugin maker for cPanel to be able to hopefully include it with our VPS Offerings.

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Thanks for the info Mike.


I just looked at my cPanel bandwidth report.

The highest monthly total bandwidth going back through last July is 110GB.


I'm sure your VPS is a popular service but at least at the present time I cannot justify the cost.

At that price it would be cheaper for me to simply buy a second cloud account at Bluehost so I could have 2 ssl certs for the 2 domains that really need them.



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