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HTTP2 is supported in versions 5.0+ of LiteSpeed. The premium servers are currently on 5.0.15 so the feature should work. If you have any issues please open a Technical Support ticket from our customer area for further assistance.


-Tim M.

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Do we have to do anything to "activate" HTTP/2?


I have a website on the "demeter" server but in Chrome it says HTTP1.1


Do we need SSL?


Hi Flix!


1. It's active by default in Litespeed. There's nothing for you to do in that respect.

2. Depending on how the site is setup and accessed, it may not be possible to use HTTP/2. Your computer and browser also play a part and need to be ready. (I imagine Chrome is good to go, though).

3. As far as the spec goes, no... But every browser implementation requires it. So effectively, yes, you need SSL for HTTP/2.


If you don't have SSL setup already, try using out the Let's Encrypt module in cPanel to get a free certificate.


And if you can't get it working after that, open a support ticket so we can take a look at your site and account and help fix things up for your site specifically.

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