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Incremental Backup - know any good ones?


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Thanks Scott. I am relatively basic for technical know how. So I gather Time machine means you can backup several OS rather than each individually within each OS.


Was thinking of things like JungleDisk / Acronis. I talked to Rackspace they told me JungleDisk was better for my needs. Up to now I use Crashplan locally for my own secondary drive, but Crashplan has conked out on me, and I was considering using paid / online backup anyway so CrashPlan doesn't interest me for that as their plans are all "unlimited". I also use a 3rd drive which I "Leap frog" by uploading everything once a month and deleting the upload from 3 months ago so I've always got 2x month versions of backup on this drive. This way I can have that backup drive several rooms away so if there's a fire or something and my computer area gets damaged, I can grab my 3rd hard drive and Teddy bear then jump out the window.

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I'll ask around and see if I can find any more ideas. How much backup space do you need?


Also, if you use OSX, Apple does have "Server.app" on the app store, which can add a variety of server oriented features to your Mac. I don't suggest many of them, but they do have a Time Machine Server option which allows multiple computers on the same network to backup to the server. The caching server feature is pretty useful on patch day, too.

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