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Alias to a Addon Domain?


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Is it possible to have a domain parked to an addon domain rather than the main one? Creating the alias then redirecting to the addon url just aliased to the main account url, not what I had it redirecting to.





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The "parked domain" feature will only serve as a clone of the primary domain. In that sense, there is no "automatic" way to do what you desire.


That said, you can set up a new domain as an addon domain and configure it manually to do whatever you wish.


So if you have

  • Primary domain A
  • Addon domain B
  • and new domain C


To get what you want:

  • Setup the new domain C as an addon domain
  • Have it use the same home directory as addon domain B
  • "new domain c" is now essentially parked on "addon domain B"
  • For SEO reasons, you probably want to adjust the .htaccess file to redirect all requests to domain B. (Parked domains do not do this by default, and Google/etc may ding you for duplicate content if you don't configure the redirect.)


Hope that helps.

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