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Server Upgrade Migrations - SD1, Boreas, Demeter

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We just finished migrating the SD1 server and dispatched an email to all SD1 customers with details.


We are now moving on to the Boreas server. This is a long process as we are moving accounts IP by IP and re-directing the IP once done to avoid DNS propagation or IP changes.


We re-pointed the server name for 'SD1' to the new server so that you shouldn't *have* to update your email clients, FTP clients, bookmarks, etc. That said we do still advise you do so using the details in the email we dispatch once the migration is completed.


While we are doing our best to keep things as seamless as possible and to be proactive about issues that may arise as a result of these migrations - we do still ask that you check your sites once you receive the email that we are done. We want to be able to resolve any issues that may arise as quickly as possible - ideally before you notice.


The process will be the same for Boreas and Demeter.

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