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Attention Resellers! SR2, SR3, Jasmine, and Kobold [OLD Servers] Being Suspended

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Some of you just got notices that your accounts were suspended. If you did, this notice is for you. If you didn't you can safely disregard this thread.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. We suspended the old copies of your accounts on the old servers.

2. Your sites should be online without issue - if you do see a suspended page for any account that shouldn't be let us know ASAP so we can resolve this for you.

3. The suspension notice was sent by the old hardware, not the new one you were migrated to.

4. We are performing suspensions on the old server so that we can leave it online to retrieve data for anybody that may still need just in case.

5. Your accounts on the new server, which should be live for the internet, are not suspended.


We apologize that you got these errant notices. It was not our intention for them to be sent.


I considered sending an email out concerning this, however, there are thousands of customers that aren't affected that would get the email as well as those that did get suspension messages will be getting yet another email from us in this case.


I've opted to post it here and to inform our staff so that anybody not aware of this issue / asking about it can be pointed here for full details.


If you have any questions about this process as a whole - you can post it here. If you have a question specific to your account or a sub-account of yours do please open a support ticket.




TL;DR: If your site is showing suspended please open a ticket - otherwise you can safely disregard the notice.

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