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I've been with MDDHosting since December 1, 2015 and, while I haven't a Ph.D in web design, know enough to recognize a great host when I see one.

After several years of tolerating some of the biggest names' self-centered business models, I had had it and went looking for a "real" host. Over the course of a few days of reading countless reviews and mulling over my finalists' features lists, I decided to go with MDD, as have so many others.

These guys provide all that I need in a shared hosting plan (and loads more) with the convenience of the monthly billing option that my budget requires. Notices of their new, total infrastructure upgrade were given sufficiently in advance, and the migration was completed with barely a perceptible interruption. And I can't begin to express how helpful their tech support is when I can't seem to find my brain. No condescension, either; just clearly explained, helpful facts provided with extraordinarily prompt attention, even by president Mike Denney, himself.

Switching hosts can be a pain but, when you're with a reputable company like MDD, you likely won't ever have to do it again. After you've done your research and tried them, I'm pretty sure you'll agree.

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