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What has happened to the Support at MDD? Gone?


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I don't know what is going on, but I have a ticket that needs someone from Level 2 to respond and it has been 3 days.....and no reply. Level 1 support (probably just the guy who takes the calls) has long forwarded the ticket to the Level 2 support, but all I get is silence.


Yes, it is 3 DAYS and counting......


I was one of those affected by the Hermes server update, and things have not been the same ever since.


The server acts weird, the CSS on my site cannot be updated for certain features (my main issue), but the worst part of all is the SILENCE on the part of the MDD Support.


Look, just because you gave me free credit for all the problems I have experienced (none of which is my fault), does not mean I am no longer entitled to support!


In fact, sending in a ticket is the LAST THING I want to do, and I have been busy sending in tickets lately......


I have been an MDD customer for a long time, but looking at the way things are going, perhaps not long.


Bad, just bad.....

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Been a customer of MDD Hosting since, what do you know........2011.


Geez, that is a LONG TIME. Even I can't believe it.


But today, this is what I get. I just need someone to examine or look into the strange issue. There is no other plausible explanation. Perhaps something to do with their Mod Rewrite or Mod Security, or their Server timing out and needing more memory.....


But it appears that the Support is avoiding me.


All I can say, is. MDD Hosting was good before, but not so good now.


It happens to web hosts all the time. Web hosts might be good at the start, but after a while, they decline....

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