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Inability to login to cpanel or even forum via "personal hot spot"...eh?


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I'm posting this question using an iPhone. I have an iPad which can access the web via a "personal hot spot" provided through the iPhone. However, I was surprised to discover the iPad used in this manner can't reach cpanel: login verified, then redirect to login screen. Also, for this forum, after successful login, I see the screen labeled "Sign In" and I am blocked from posting. Is this typical?
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Hi fjpoblam,


This is a peculiar problem. Your ability to post here with the iPhone shows that there is probably no issue on our end, or with your iPhone. The problem is probably something to do with your iPad and/or the tethering connection. I might have suspected some kind of filtering from your ISP, but having an issue with the forum too makes it feel like a configuration issue with the iPad browser. Beyond cPanel and our forums, does it have issues logging into other sites?


In any case, I would suggest trying to connect the iPad to a proper WiFi network and seeing if that helps. You may also wish to contact Apple for support with the iPad, since they will better be able to tell you if it has a problem, is configured wrong, or even provide you directions to fix it.

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