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Hostmonster has degraded over the years yet I stuck with them doggedly until this week I couldn't even install WordPress on a new domain installation and their support gave me an irrelevant answer to my first ticket, and ignored the second – a common experience with them.


So I was pushed into a decision to move, did some searching, and came to MDDHosting (which I'd never even heard of) because of two excellent ratings from professional reviewers where the sterling reviews were seconded by commenters -- that's unusual. Most often commenters will disagree with reviewers.


My first support ticket on first day of service was answered within five minutes, and I've been impressed with the excellent explanation of installation procedures as I go along, sparing me (and them) quite a few additional support tickets.


The second day of service is quite soon to write a glowing review but I've been around a long time, and have been through hosting service helx.** I know when I've found a home. If you are here because you're thinking of signing up, don't hesitate. A little more expensive than other hosting services you're looking at? Remember the old rule: You get what you pay for. Most especially, avoid Hostmonster and Blogger/Blogspot.


**Note to moderator: The system did not allow me to spell out helx, but this is not a swear word except the most ultraconservative possible definition, somewhat equivalent to 'darn'. I don't understand this policy. Maybe it's a built-in restriction in the forum software? Can't believe anyone today objects to that word.





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