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User level filter. Subject contains "***SPAM***". How do I trap?


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I often get email wherein the subject line (at least when it arrives at the mail.app inbox) begins with the character string ***SPAM***.


I haven't figured out how to filter and trash these items. I've tried "subject contains" with "***SPAM***", "*SPAM*" and "SPAM", all to no avail. I deduce something is going on that I don't understand. How may I trap these pesky emails?

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Howdy, ericr. I always appreciate your kind help. One last question. I *did* have SpamAssassin enabled. However, that was probably symbolic beyond just getting messages marked as SPAM, as I've been seeing.


(IOW, I understand what you're saying.)


Now I will turn on autodelete. One last question, please. The ones I've seen are consistently marked with three stars. Would setting the spam level down to 3 catch them? Or do I need to go UP? (Inverse or not?)

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