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[Resolved] Boreas under DDoS Attack as of 8:41AM EST

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Our Boreas server is currently under a 2.5gigabit (2,500 megabit) DDoS attack and has been placed behind CiscoGuard to restore service. Simply due to the size of the attack the service may run slower than usual as the CiscoGuard filters out the attack. We have our networking engineers working to attempt to restore the speed that you know and expect from us and we will update you on any changes in this thread and we will be making announcements via Twitter as well at http://www.twitter.com/mddhosting


We actually run MDDHosting.com and our forums off of Boreas with a separate private MySQL back-end so MDDHosting itself may appear to be sluggish and we are discussing moving MDDHosting to a stand-alone server instance during the attack so that we can ensure fast support at all times.


Details of the event follow:

Exceeded Bits In: 2.5 G (Threshold: 500 M)

Exceeded Packets In: 310 k (Threshold: 125 k)

Exceeded Flows In: 310 k (Threshold: 125 k)

You can discuss this issue at http://forums.mddhosting.com/index.php?showtopic=121

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At this time everything appears to be back to normal although the attack continues. As always if you have any questions/comments/concerns you can discuss them at http://forums.mddhosting.com/index.php?showtopic=121 or you are always welcome to open a support ticket in our help desk.


Thank you!

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