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Hi, I have a few simple questions i would like answered please.


I am not a newbie when it comes to acquiring web hosts & i only have a few needs really.


1. Fast ticket turnaround time - If its a big enough issue for me to open a ticket, i demand a fast response cause i need something ( its the reason i am looking for a new host atm )

2. Security of the server i am on - already had one of the servers my site was on blacklisted cause of others i shared it with, dont wanna do that again.

3. Of course uptime & speed of the server - done been on overcapacity servers, dont want that again either

4. Hosting company who is not owned by or ever intends to sell to EIG - as they are single-handed responsible for 90% of the crappy hosts now....already been with one host who used to be good until EIG bought them...


I am about to bail from my current host & i am prepaid into 2017 & used to be a good host been with them over 3 yrs ( i think) but i have had it with ticket turnaround times :(


I have heard good things about MDD & just wanted to check their forums and see if you can deliver what i seek & demand...


Oh one more thing how much is a dedicated IP? cause i will require one





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well i cant be more pleased so far, opened a ticket at 3am or so about how to upload the backup from my previous host & within 15 min i had a response that answered my question and our site was live within the hour, now thats what i have been searching for, quick helpful support when i need it, so thanks & please keep it up. Also our site seems to load much faster now also...So 2 big thumbs ups from me so far

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