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SR1, VPS1, SD1 Reboots - Emergency maintenance

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We have identified an issue with the storage drivers on these servers resulting in randomly high latency and unresponsiveness from time to time.


We were planning on scheduling the reboots necessary a week or two out but the condition is degrading and we must take action quickly to keep things stable and to avoid damage to data integrity. We will be performing these reboots as soon as possible.


While we expect each server to be offline no more than 15 minutes it is possible we will run into unexpected issues. We are looking at an estimated 2 hour maintenance window as reboots are performed and updates verified. There is the small possibility any of these servers could require file system checks which will add time onto the process.


We will keep this thread updated as we have new information to report.

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The server is once again reporting storage access errors causing intermittent downtime and instability.


We are upgrading the firmware on the raid controller and restarting the host. This should take no more than 10 minutes and we will post updates here.

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The firmware update did resolve the storage instability.


We are still seeing poor write capacity compared to what is expected and, as such, we've adjusted the server caches to compensate for this. We're working on a hardware solution and if any further downtime is required on this matter concerning the hardware solution a new post will be made as well as an email dispatched to all affected customers.


We're doing our best to keep things as seamless as possible and are working hard to ensure things remain online and stable.


At this time I am going to mark this particular thread as resolved.

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