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User-level filter using "matches regex": case insensitive. Need training

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If I want to specify an action to be taken on emails whose subjects contain any of the strings "foo", "testosterone", or "diabetes" my impression is that I might specify "Subject matches regex" and ".foo|.testosterone|.diabetes". However, as I'm not formally regex-trained, I'm not sure whether "fOo" or "diaBeteS" will ignore the test. Is my test case-insensitive? (Yes, I DO know the inevitable "fo0" (with zero) and "tes-tos-_terone" will get by.)
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Thanks, ericr. Also (after long and arduous search for a week) found (1) the "official" regex for email addresses [whew!] and (2) a rather more succinct version which has worked, so far, for me with an ORred list of often-abusing TLDs plus a gripe about two-letter TLDs...
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