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Replacing IP address in URL


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I'm decent at making websites but need help with some server basics.


On all of my MDD sites the url starts with the IP address. Is there a way to hide the IP address, or replace it with a domain name? I've used URL masking but dislike the way it is implemented in that it messes up my media queries.



- James


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Our services are actually intended to be used with domains, not via IP. You would need to register a domain name to use one - you can register it through us or through a third party domain registrar of your choice. The nameservers you would use on the domain can be found in your account details email.


If you need further assistance I'd suggest opening a support ticket.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I've a number of domain names and I use forwarding to point to my site. For example, I've some photos at juandefuca.ca but when you go to juandefuca.ca you see this in the url:


Is there a way to replace the with say juandefuca.ca ? In other words, is there a way to get this in the url:





- James

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