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Greetings. I would like to take this opportunity to say a post a few thoughts as they relate to my experience with MDD and the good folks that that have helped me since becoming a customer.

First - an overview. I arrived at MDD without a referral and my first sign-ups were for shared-hosting. I then graduated to a reseller account and I am currently running two VPS accounts, one for myself and one for a client. Everything on their end has been flawless and any problems that have arisen are solely a result of my lack of webmaster skills in dealing with the increased complexity with each move to a higher level of service.

In a more detailed vein, the service and support that I have received from every level of the support team has been exemplarily. Response time is generally within minutes, even on the weekends which in today’s world is virtually unheard of. The information supplied to assist me has always been detailed and when it has been beyond my level of comprehension they have always been very thorough and patient in attempting to describe things in a manner that I can grasp. No small feat.

I probably should not mention this, but when I become completely flummoxed and it is a critical issue, they have always been at the ready to take a hands-on approach in helping me resolve my issue. This has happened more times than I know that either of us would like. Still, they have never complained or become short-tempered and most importantly, they have never abandoned me. I cannot tell you what a sense of confidence they bring to my online pursuits which I depend on greatly.

I am working toward moving all of my domains which are currently scattered far and wide to MDD Hosting. I feel secure in trusting them with every aspect of my online presence. Their wealth of expertise, combined with simply being some of the nicest and most helpful people I have ever encountered at any hosting provider enables me to give them the highest recommendation possible.

“These guys rock!” More importantly, they care. You can’t put a price on that.

Thanks to everyone at MDD Hosting for providing me with great products and support and for making my life much less stressful.


Cheers. - Frank

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