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I have to start by saying in the last few years I've been in hosting ******; that is until I found MDD. The last provider I had before MDD was Site5 and while they had decent (but Russian) customer service, their hosting service was terrible. A ton of downtime, server issues & re-boots, you name it. I understand the need for maintenance, but come on! Every week?? Then, rather than be honest about the troubles, it was implied that somehow it was MY issue and the absolute snail's pace website speed was normal (even for my very small site).


I finally had enough (5 months into my service with Site5) and fortunately found MDD. My site has never been faster and my service has been nearly trouble free. The one issue I did have was resolved immediately by the excellent support. MDD support always goes above and beyond what can be expected and they are always friendly, patient and helpful even if the trouble isn't with them. They even try to help by providing me with information that help me fix snags with my forum software, etc.


The transition to MDD was perfectly smooth and no one on my forum noticed anything except for the massive increase in speed and never another hanging page.


My only regret is that I didn't discover MDD sooner, as I'm sure I lost members of my forum because of the unacceptable 1 minute plus hang times that were a constant "normal" with Site5.


Thanks, MDD! Keep up the fantastic work & I'll be here for my site's life!

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