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Several questions regarding user-level email filtering


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I have three user-level filters. It is my understanding that, for each email message, each filter is applied in sequence. I use an email client (iMap connection) instead of Webmail. I like to keep the server "clean" (prompt deletion of spam and trash). So here.


An account-level whitelist includes some personal contacts. In addition, the first user-level filter has these contacts listed individually in the form of "if [match] deliver to INBOX" AND "stop processing rules".


The second filter I check for "if not already delivered" AND reserve for getting tough on spam and set the incoming spam level to +++ (or ++++ depending on my mood) and "deliver to /.junk" and "stop processing rules".


The third filter I check for "if not already delivered" AND check for various items in "From" or "Subject" and ship those results to "/.junk".


Am I doing it right? Apparently not. First, some emails from the "safe" group (whitelist and first filter) are getting shipped to "/.junk". Second, many items shipped to "/.junk" arrive in duplicate copies.


I'd truly like to learn this without resorting to SpamMasters or Gmail, but I can find no *simple and straightforward* guides to writing filters online. I would truly appreciate any form of enlightenment.

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Thanks for the reply, Tim. FWIW, even the email notifying me of your response would have been marked as Spam. As is, in spite of my (political and technical) distaste for the Gorg, due to my frustration with setting up SpamAssassin, I am now forwarding through Gmail. All seems to be well.


Again, thanks. :-)

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