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Emergency Network Maintenance - Jan 1, 2015 11 PM to 3 AM GMT-5

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Our upstream facility, Handy Networks, reached out to alert us to an emergency network maintenance window that has been scheduled from 11PM GMT-5 to 3am GMT-5. Below you will find the complete notice in detail.



Purpose of Work: We have recently seen a number of minor isolated issues with our "dist2" switch, which is our primary distribution switch for our entire network. After working with Juniper to diagnose the issue, they believe that there is an issue with the packet forwarding engine. In order to resolve the issue, we will need to undertake instrusive network maintenance. Because dist2 is running on a depreciated version of JunOS, we will be using this maintenance window to upgrade dist2 to the currenct JTAC recommended JunOS and perform other deferred network maintenance items.


Impact of Work: During the maintenance window, customers will see multiple periods of packet loss, latency while we isolate dist2, upgrade it, re-integrate it with our network topology and perform our other deferred maintenance tasks. In the event of unexpected issues, there may be a couple periods of significantly degraded network connectivity on the order of 5-10 minutes.


We will of course take all reasonable measures to mitigate any disruption your services, but this maintenance window is of critical importance; left unchecked dist2 may suffer a catastraphic issue that results in extended, unplanned downtime.


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