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Spam redirection in different email clients? Host/user level filtering?


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For an unknown reason, when I use a forwarder to redirect email to Gmail, Spam is correctly placed in the Spam folder. However, when simply I do *not* forward but instead use the native mail app (direct connection to mdd.hosting mail servers), the Spam shows up in my Inbox.


This all happens *without* my fiddling with any Account- or User- level SpamAssassin settings *whatsoever*! Simply the addition or removal of a forwarder. Period.


Would someone please advise me, either, what is going on, or, more , more important, how to fix it? I'd rather have Spam redirected to either a Spam folder or the native Junk folder.


(I've seen, here, the excellent article on dealing with Spam: that is a separate issue, I think.)

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Gmail has their own spam filter. Very often SpamAssassin passes emails as spam free and they go to your inbox at MDD mail client, but Gmail recognizes them as spam.

Am not a tech, just MDD user, maybe they could provide you more details.

In my opinion SpamAssassin is far from perfect. I used to get some 30-40 spam emails/day, when I turned to paid spamexperts, now I get 1-2.

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