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PayPal ending SSL 3 support - any hosting implications?


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I'm a retailer, not a developer, so please indulge my ignorance (and use small words if you reply). :(


I received a frightening announcement from PayPal about the end of SSL 3 support as of Dec. 3. I've been assured that this has nothing to do with my SSL certificate, but rather with the communication protocol between my PHP shopping cart's PayPal module and PayPal's server. I was advised to find out if "whatever that PayPal module is using to connect to PayPal (my guess is CURL) will support an alternate connection protocol (like TLS)."


That sounds like a server question to me, so I reckon that's what I'm asking. PayPal urged me to share their Merchant Response Guide with my "website service partner," which I interpret to include MDD.


I would love to find out that I have nothing to worry about on Dec. 3, but since PayPal chose to shake this up during the busiest week of the year I can't take any chances.


(I am also communicating with my shopping cart developer about their PayPal PHP modules).

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