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Simply this: does an add-on domain deserve its own .htaccess?


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I have a hosted domain with a couple (independently-named) add-ons. Why? My sites are so danged small and simple-minded (and low-traffic) I figured they all fit together without requiring independent hosting accounts. Works fine so far.


All I'm asking is, do these add-ons deserve .htaccess setups of their own, or would any such effort be wasted due to the .htaccess on the TLD?


(In my case I'm thinking especially of different filetype expiration for performance...)

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Pretty sure an add-on domain exists on it's own merit. I consider (and rightly so I think) that it is totally independant, else how could you run a new domain with say Joomala installed and on another say Drupal, or any other software requiring different htaccess directives? Totally independant surely.

Okay: thanks for your answer. I will proceed accordingly.

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