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I have been a reseller customer for nearly a year now. I moved from HG over to MDD based on all of the positive reviews that I read in the various forums. It took me a while to make that decision but I am so glad I chose MDD.


The single most important thing to me is SERVICE. Most providers claim 99.9% uptime so at the end of the day, I just want to know that when I need help, somebody will be there with an informed and intelligent response. MDD does not disappoint in this regard.


They moved all of my sites over from my previous reseller to MDD when I signed up. Since then, they've helped migrate sites from my reseller account to client's individual MDD hosting accounts that I've set up (for various reasons). They also post IN ADVANCE when they anticipate a possible service issue due to maintenance and if there's an attack, they let us know rather than keeping us in the dark wondering. It's important that I know what's happening before a client calls and tells me their site is down - which doesn't happen often, by the way, but has with other hosts.


Bottom line - Tim M, Eric R, and Michael Denney himself (!) are the the best! All support is great but these are the three that I run into on the tickets the most. Thank you for the wonderful service! I will continue to use and recommend your services.



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