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Files in hidden subdirectories.


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Probably a dumb question and I'm usually better off leaving things as they are, but I sometimes log-in to my cPanel just to keep an eye on things. Today I looked at Disc Space Usage and found I have 304 MB in "Files in hidden subdirectories" I'm not sure what they are it looks like most of them are copies of my other stuff.


I hate poking about in cPanel in case I push the wrong buttons (which I have done before) :rolleyes: but I'm curious as to what these files are, and I don't think it's much to worry about as I think they have been there a long while and I still have space left in my quota limit.


Thank you.

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If you're concerned I'd open a ticket but honestly it's probably absolutely normal as cPanel has some 'hidden' folders for user data.


Hello Mike, now you've said that I feel ok with it. I wasn't overly concerned as I still have space, but I like to keep an eye on my cPanel occasionally just to see what's going on.


I won't open a ticket I'll leave things as they are for now, but should I ever get close to my limit I will give you a shout to see if they can be looked at.


Thank You.

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