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Echo Server - Processor Upgrade on/after September 11, 2014

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We are going to be upgrading the Dual Quad Core 2.4 GHz processors in the Echo server to Dual Hex Core 2.66 GHz processors on or after September 11th, 2014. We expect the downtime to be less than 20 minutes and the end result will be a faster, more stable, and more reliable server as each customer will have access to a larger CPU core and there will be more CPU cores available to the system as a whole.


We are performing this upgrade in lieu of performing a migration of all clients on the server which would have a much larger impact.


We will send out an email to all clients on the Echo server when the maintenance window has been scheduled. Right now we're waiting on the new processors to arrive and the estimated arrival date is September 11th.

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There is already a noticeable huge improvement in Idle CPU. We'll be watching things over the next week to see how large an improvement this was. The server has gone from 8 cores at 2.4ghz with HyperThreading to 12 cores at 2.66ghz with HyperThreading :).

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