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how to show parked URL on Facebook ?


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Hi, I have a domain name hosted on MDDhosting and a parked domain from 123.reg. This has worked well so far. However I have added my website to Facebook and although I can put the URL of the parked domain on Facebook it shows up as my MDDhosting URL?


I don't mind the main url showing up as a URL on the pages, It is just annoying that I can't show my parked URL (the name of my site) on the Facebook pages?


Any suggestions Please?



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OK, I think I need to move the parked domain to an add on domain? is this difficult? advice appreciated :)


I should maybe point out what I presently have. I have a wordpress website built on Mddhosting with Mydomain.com. I also have a parked newdomain.co.uk hosted on 123.reg. Everything is working great, but I want newdomain.co.uk to be a separate website to mydomain.com. Presently Google etc are showing the url of mydomain.com and not the newdomain.co.uk, which would be preferable, Thanks.

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We've had more than our fair share of generous buyout offers and haven't accepted any. At the end of the day we would never sell to a company that we did not trust 100% to provide the service and support our customers are used to experiencing. That said - I only know of a small hand full of companies that I would trust and none of them could afford us :).

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