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I run a phpbb forum and would like to backup the database regularly. Although i can do this manually through the forum software or via cpanel, it would be nice to have an automated service that backs up every day. My database size (gzip) is about 100Mb. is there is a simply solution for this?


Thanks a lot!

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Hi ttfan - This should be relatively straightforward as it's just a MySQL database and a web site. Without using third party tools you just need to do two steps: 1, dump the mysql database (you can do this using a relatively simple script and a cron job. 2 - Transfer that data and the web site data to a remote location (doing this from the remote location would be easiest I expect, using ftp or ssh.


There are some backup solutions you can pay for on the web which specialise in this kind of thing and I'd recommend that if you can afford it. Mainly because it will notify you when the backups fail and they make it all quite easy. I don't these are listed as phpbb backups, just look for standard wordpress / ftp backup solutions. Sing out if you get stuck.

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