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WP-login.php going to 403 resource is blocked page


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I cannot access my clients wp-login.php page because it is redirecting to a 403 "resource is blocked on this server" message. I was just on the site a few days ago & everything was fine. I need to make changes today as I will not be able to next week.


I cannot create a support ticket because my clients IT person is out for the weekend - I have the password but no idea what email address he used.


The site is www.epw.com - I can provide any credentials needed through pm.


Thanks for your assistance.



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Hello there!

I see on your site it say:



Access to this resource on the server is denied!"

For the last few weeks have bots been trying to sign in to your site?

Have you changed .htaccess??

And as soon as you can get back in, change wp-login.php into something difference to stop boys.


Best you can do is open a support ticket.

Thanks, Linkiepoo

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HI Linkipoo,


Thanks for your help.


I monitor the stat's pretty closely via statcounter & have not noticed any different traffic. -> though that doesn't mean that there has been a surge I am unaware of.


I checked other sites I monitor & this is an issue on all that are on the Jasmine server.


I have not changed .htaccess.


I have wp-login.php planned for a change per MDD's recommends a few weeks ago,.


I was hoping to find a resolution before the start of the workweek as I have a heavy travel schedule & needed to perform the updates over the weekend. & unfortuantely the IT person who has the credentials for creating a support ticket is out till monday.


Thanks again,



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