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Wordpress 3.9 update


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Reading the WP 3.9 update changes:


WordPress 3.9 now uses the MySQLi Improved extension for sites running PHP 5.5. Any plugins that made direct calls to mysql_* functions will experience some problems on these sites. For more information, see the notes on the core development blog.




do we have to be carefull about anything ? Personally i have php 5.4 activated. Any information is much appreciated before we update.



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You would just want to test to see if everything works as it should on 5.5. Personally I still have my stuff on 5.4 as well :).


I did jump to 5.5 and WP 4.9 and didn't had any problems, apart from a couple of WP plugins that needed update.


Also my other php application seems to work great on 5.5.

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