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#325 Was Thinking

Posted by Lucky Me on 18 December 2008 - 06:00 PM in Website Reviews - Get feedback and free traffic

Interesting it looks like a CMS unless I'm mistaken.

i've heard of it before thought.

If you get it up and working please fill us in on how it goes?

I'm currently considering Tiny portal with SMF. But then again I've not made a final decisions and SMF is taking a really long time to get Version 2 out.

Well this is more of a myspace type of thing :) which I love! LOVE!

I finally got it working Visit My Website however I am going to get a different domain name for it just haven't though of a creative name yet...something besides recovery...I want something that everyone would want to be a part of.

I think this is what I have been looking forward to doing. I have a few names that I have thought of but so far I am procrastinating :) .

#315 speed test?

Posted by Lucky Me on 16 December 2008 - 04:44 PM in Pre-Sales Enquiries


Says expired but I will tell ya that IMO Mike has a pretty fast set up here. I think that his whatever he has is more than good

#314 Games: Three Words

Posted by Lucky Me on 16 December 2008 - 04:32 PM in Off-Topic

I was watching the cheerleaders at the football game when when some wacko fan ran onto the field and tackled the quarterback.

you forgot to list three words :) so I will go ahead again


I was lucky that Santa left me some socks that didn't have holes in them :)


#313 Was Thinking

Posted by Lucky Me on 16 December 2008 - 04:30 PM in Website Reviews - Get feedback and free traffic

Ok the forum is back now, must have been a minor issue.

Not really a minor issue LOL but a issue that is resolved now. However I really am tired of the forums thing I have found this http://www.boonex.com/ which I really want to do :) but am having trouble with just part of the installation of it, toward the bottom after making the cron http://www.boonex.co...DetailedInstall which I am having issues with


1) create batch files for every cron you wish to create. For example:

This are sample contents of the above mentioned files:


c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.6\php.exe -f c:\wamp\www\periodic\cmd.php


c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.6\php.exe -f c:\wamp\www\periodic\notifies.php


c:\wamp\bin\php\php5.2.6\php.exe -f c:\wamp\www\periodic\cupid.php

2) then assign crons for these files this way:

schtasks /Create /tn cmd_cron /sc DAILY /st 00:00:00 /tr c:\wamp\www\periodic\cmd.bat (to run every day at midnight)
schtasks /Create /tn notifies_cron /sc MINUTE /mo 10 /tr c:\wamp\www\periodic\notifies.bat (to run every 10 minutes)
schtasks /Create /tn cupid_cron /sc HOURLY /mo 1 /tr c:\wamp\www\periodic\cupid.bat (to run every 1 hour)

Permission Reversal ΒΆ

Now you should set the post-installation permissions and after delete the install folder.

* Using FTP client.

Log into your FTP account using your favorite FTP client and navigate to the folder in which you have installed Dolphin script.

Notice the chmod commands for specified folders and files on the final installation screen and set the following permissions using right click on the corresponding files and folders:

755 for folders (755 means that the objects possessing these permissions will be readable and executable).
644 for files (644 means that such objects will be only readable).

* Using shell client.

Log into your shell account using your favorite shell client and change directory for that which contains your installed Dolphin script. Now run the following commands under your SSH prompt:

chmod 755 ./inc ./periodic
chmod 644 ./periodic/cmd.php ./periodic/notifies.php ./periodic/cupid.php ./ray/modules/global/inc/header.inc.php

Now you must delete the /install folder.

I really would like to get this going I think it would be a lot of fun!