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#5900 Kobold Server - Outage

Posted by Shelley on 02 March 2016 - 10:14 PM in Server and Network Announcements

Yes, thank you - have received the email.


I won't open a ticket until I see how everything goes.  If still dealing with my or client issues, I will start one.  Until then, it can wait.




#5892 Kobold Server - Outage

Posted by Shelley on 02 March 2016 - 03:44 PM in Server and Network Announcements

Afternoon - I've noticed some issues and wanted to quickly address here.  I have the email sent re the upgrade that will start tonite.  8:30pm eastern time is 5:30pm Pacific Time but hopefully most of my clients will have shut down by that point.


I've noticed multiple copies of emails coming through which I've tentatively attributed to whatever issues you are dealing with on the Kobold server.  Happens frequently and often enough that I am doing mass deletes.  I'll wait until after the upgrade to see if this still happens and if it does, start a support ticket.  It's not a problem, just an annoyance :-)


I've also had a couple clients complain of email issues which again we hope won't be an issue after tonite - support tickets will be started if so.


Finally, I hope you can advise server name asap - I would like to send out an email to my clients to advise them of the change with respect to downloading their emails which currently is kobold.supportedns.com.  It would be better if I could do this prior to the change :-)


Hopefully I've understood the basis of the email notification and appreciate MDD's efforts to resolve server issues and migrate to a new server.




#5628 Best Practices for Incoming Mail Configuration

Posted by Shelley on 21 July 2015 - 05:05 PM in Shared Hosting Support

In reviewing the Knowledgebase I noted that the most recent 'instructions' for configuring email set up for Outlook is 2010. :-/


95% of my clients use Outlook/Office365


I have for some time now (upon Michael's suggestion) been advising clients to use the server designation, ie nameofserver.supportedns.com when setting up their Outlook for the incoming mail server.


What I am hoping to get here is the latest and optimum configuration details for incoming mail in order to minimize issues that crop up.


I was going to start a support ticket but as I perused the forum and couldn't locate the info that I was looking for, thought I would post here.


While not specifically wanting to address  Windows Mail, Outlook or Office365 or whatever variation of email program that Microsoft puts out to torture me, it is what I use (ugh!) primarily so that I can assist my clients with issues that from time to time pop their heads out of the ground.


I, right now, am getting emails from a client's IT Dept because they can't get some email addresses set up despite what I have found to be tried and true.


Comments and suggestions most appreciated