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#4102 inexpensive SSL certificates?

Posted by Kurrent on 22 January 2013 - 11:00 PM in Reseller Hosting Support Forum

Enom has pretty good SSL prices for resellers but it is a pain to get set up and going.

It wasn't too bad for me to setup Enom. But you have to sell a lot of domains to make your money back in a reasonable time. It was one of my first blunders to sign up for the $95.00 membership. You can get a good deal on certificates though.
If you sign up with WHMCS or AWBS directly you can use their license to resell Enom. I don't know if the discount applies with the WHMCS license you get with a MDDHosting reseller account.

#4100 Drush users. How do you do version control without Git?

Posted by Kurrent on 21 January 2013 - 08:58 PM in Reseller Hosting Support Forum

I found out that MDDHosting does not allow Git on their shared servers. I have tried working with SVN but there is not much information about using it with Drupal7 and Drush and trying to use it is just taking away from my development time.
I like MDD overall but the absence of Git has be frustrated. How do you work around it, develop and sync your db and web files to your local server? Any help and feed back is appreciated.