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#7463 Major Outage - 09/21/18+ - Client Discussion

Posted by jeffs on 27 September 2018 - 10:33 PM in Web Hosting

Mike, just want to thank you again for such great service over the years and for your hard work and transparency during this whole ordeal. I know this has been very stressful and problematic for you and for so many people. 

Your professionalism has been exemplary – working hard within the limits of human sleep deprivation and equipment bottlenecks, keeping us updated so frequently, outlining your plans for improving things in the future and responding calmly no matter what the tone of the message.
I've also been impressed by the high levels of professionalism, tolerance, compassion and helpfulness of the user posts. Feels like a solid community that I'm happy to be part of.
I'm following your lead and thinking hard about what I can do differently to minimize disruption should a major problem arise in the future. As a non-IT professional with a couple of low-traffic non-commerce websites and lots of email accounts in my domains, I've been good about keeping website backups with a WordPress plugin but honestly didn't realize that cPanel backups would include all the email accounts so I thought they were redundant and didn't do them. And I was one of the people who didn't understand that the servers were up and I could have restored my websites with my backups until you spelled it out on Monday in this thread (I'm not on Twitter).
So going forward I'm going to keep up-to-date cPanel backups and I'll remember that “the data needs to be restored” does not mean “the server is down” (I'm sure that's glaringly obvious to an IT professional, but we enthusiastic amateurs, well, our minds work in some strange ways).
Maybe this would be a good time to update/expand a couple articles in the Knowledgebase, to help us do our part? I see there is a category called “Backups and Restorations” that has no articles in it, and two brief articles on backing up and restoring in the “Account Questions” category.
Thanks again for your commitment to maintaining such high standards. We all make mistakes, what matters is how we respond to them, and again, I think you have been exemplary. I'm sure that this episode is costing MDDHosting a bundle. Please let us know if it compromises the viability of your company – I'm sure there are a lot of us who would happily jump on that GoFundMe train rather than see MDDHosting go out of business.