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#5940 Having An Awful Time Changing Hosts

Posted by PhoenixOrion on 19 March 2016 - 01:08 PM in Premium Hosting Support

OMG!  You guys are awesome!  I totally wasn't expecting that!  Going now...  Thank you!!!!

#5938 Having An Awful Time Changing Hosts

Posted by PhoenixOrion on 19 March 2016 - 12:52 PM in Premium Hosting Support

Can you do that internally, though?  The problem we're having is that we can't get the databases downloaded from phpMyAdmin.  Uploading them to MDD was fine, at least until the forum script gave me errors (which was caused by my connection problems).  So one of you can log into my account on the other host and do it all from your end?  I'm sorry, I'm just trying to understand.  


And OK, I will submit the ticket on the URL problem.  Should the two issues be submitted separately?

#5937 How may I change my Wordpress admin userid?

Posted by PhoenixOrion on 19 March 2016 - 12:48 PM in Shared Hosting Support

You can't change the main admin account w/o a plugin.  I don't think you can delete it either, at least I couldn't.  Just do a wp search on "change admin name."  It's much easier than trying to change it completely in the editor or messing around in cPanel.

#5935 Having An Awful Time Changing Hosts

Posted by PhoenixOrion on 19 March 2016 - 12:32 PM in Premium Hosting Support

I have a new premium account for my org's site/forum.  I got a lot of database errors while trying to upload the database for the forum.  After submitting a support ticket here, I discovered that the database backups were incomplete due to my internet connection being interrupted, so I had another site admin take over.


He got the main backup uploaded that was downloaded from cPanel on our old host (full site backup), which they claim is enough to get the whole site up and running again.  


But here's the dilemma.  The phpMyAdmin backups won't download.  Both of us keep getting errors and yet, the old host keeps saying the full site backup is all we need.  


Is there a way to test this on the MDD server before changing nameservers?  I tried to look on the url given to use prior to site propagation but get a 404 error.


On top of everything else, we got hacked on 3/11 with a DDOS attack (prior to registering here), so staying logged in w/o getting database errors has been more than challenging.  And still, no help or support from the other host at all.  More side-stepping and more bs but nothing that helps us.  Their "solution" is to only use cPanel > Files > Backup to download databases and just ignore the phpMyAdmin problem.  They also have not even acknowledged us getting hacked.  Their solution for any kind of security has always been to use Cloudflare but that also just gives us a bunch of errors.


A few of us admins have been battling with the useless host that drove us to MDD.  They just keep trying to sidestep the problem, so we have no idea if that one backup is enough or if we have to get the phpMyAdmin issue resolved before changing everything over once and for all.  I am personally at my wits end over this!  I have only ever been a site admin, so all this server stuff is very new to me and I feel like I'm shooting in the dark.  I haven't been with this organization for a year and yet, there has been nothing but problems with the host, which is why we're trying to switch to MDD.  
I know MDD can't solve a problem for another host but is there any advice someone can give to guide me in the right direction?  Is that one backup from cPanel enough?  We have a WordPress site (where we got attacked) as well as a XenForo forum.  Both have a lot of history, the site as a whole has been online since '04 and we are risking everything with this switch.  We could lose it all if things aren't done right the first time, so it's an understatement that we're all on edge because of the lack of help we've received from the other host.  
Posting here is kind of a last resort, so I'm hoping someone has at least been through this and came out OK.