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#5951 S1 Server - Random Lag/Inaccessibility + Short Outage

Posted by haus on 21 March 2016 - 07:27 PM in Server and Network Announcements

I'm using AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php .html .htm in my .htaccess file and none of my sites on S1 are serving up PHP, they're just passing the code to the browser in  plaintext. Did you make a change to the config? I don't recall getting a note about it. This is pretty serious, half my sites aren't working.

#5797 S1 / R1 Servers - Network Device Updates - ~9 PM ET Jan 12, 2016.

Posted by haus on 19 January 2016 - 03:28 PM in Server and Network Announcements

Is it possible to revert to a known/previous/good configuration for the time being and maintain the current state of s1 offline as a testing platform to figure out the issue? Despite echo's issues I feel like it was more reliable in recent weeks than s1 has been since the migration. I know we're not paying for anywhere near 100% uptime and I completely understand that outages happen (I'm a Linode customer as well, so it's been a rough few weeks), but it seems at least in the short term this migration has caused more problems than it has solved. I fully support what you're doing to improve reliability down the road but I feel like it would be better for those both sides of this issue to get out of emergency/troubleshooting/damage control mode, get things running, and have time to properly diagnose outside of a production environment. Particularly when this appears to be a hardware/configuration problem and not a DDOS or upstream connectivity issue.


Please believe me when I say I truly respect what you're doing and all the hard work you're putting in to this, but I feel like we're beta testers in this endeavor and as a result it is hurting me and my clients. I know how hard it is to maintain servers - that's why I have several clients hosted here, because I trust you and I don't want to be spending the late hours doing it myself. I feel like when things are rushed it is more difficult to solve problems. I have no issue at all with copies of all my client sites being duplicated in a testing environment or whatever it takes to help get this new configuration up and running reliably. I'm not as comfortable with it happening on the server the A and MX records are pointed to, if that can be avoided at this point.