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#985 SSL certificate options

Posted by Nikhil on 01 March 2010 - 10:06 AM in Web Hosting


I am looking for a SSL certificate for my site. Right now I just need it for secure user login. Initally I was thinking of using the shared SSL but with that the url looks like https://<server>.<do...ername>/<path>. For security reason I don't like this url as it exposes my username to the general public (I could be wrong about the security risk but I would rather not advertise my hosting a/c username).

I see in your knowledge base that getting a SSL from you costs about $150/year. However if I buy the basic single domain only SSL from godaddy.com or rapidsslonline.com (reseller for rapid ssl) I can get it for about $15/year. I understand that there are different types of SSL certificates ranging from domain only to EV and the cost depends on multiple factors but for my requirement (secure login) I think the cheapest one will suffice.

I know there are other ways to create secure login without using SSL, but I think using SSL gives my user a piece of mind which is important for a business.

So with all this info, what are my options? Buy the certificate from one of those resellers and pay you to install it for me? Or can you get me the domain only certificate for the similar cost and do it all for me?

I would also be interested if someone has any experience with with either godaddy or rapidsslonline.